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David Marr

David Marr is the ringmaster at Marrvelous Films, a San Francisco based independent film and video production company. Since 2004, this alumni of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts has written, directed, edited, and produced numerous short films, promos, and music video projects.

In addition to filmmaking, he has performed on stage as well as in film and video, and has written numerous screenplays and teleplays. Some of his filmmaking influences include Hitchcock, Almodovar, Billy Wilder, David Fincher, and Francis Ford Coppola.

Marrvelous Films have been featured in a variety of film festivals and contests including the 48 Hour Film ProjectZeitgest International Film Festival 36 Hour Film ExperimentTax Cut Online Super Sweet Refund ContestJohn Morrell Pimp My Grill Contest, and Life’s Good When…Contest.

Online, Marrvelous Films have been watched by over one hundred thousand  people on sites such as  FunnyOrDie.com, OpenFilm.com, MetaCafe, Vimeo.com and YouTube.com. Additional, David Marr was awarded the Editors Choice Award on Crackle.com, and is a featured producer in the Director’s Cut channel on MetaCafe.com. He is also producer of the worldwide documentary retrospective, the Burning Man Film Festival.